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We all want fair and transparent elections.

Auditing our election process is a good thing, and can help us have more confidence in the results.

The purpose of an election is to record the voters' intent. If we think that results are off what is expected, the most powerful way to search for evidence is by walking precincts. If we ask the voters how they voted, specifically in precincts targeted by analysis, we can quickly verify that our votes have all been counted correctly and address any issues found. This has been done successfully in Florida in 2006 and can be done again.

Candidates: help with data and other advice is available in Discord

Volunteers: we need your help! Walkers are needed in Zapata, Texas; St Lucie County, Florida; and other locations. We can also use Organizers and Tech volunteers.




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Other Important Efforts

Democracy Counts: Tools to protect our democracy. Download ActualVote from the app store and see how to photograph poll tapes in your precinct.

Scrutineers: Join a community of people concerned with the integrity of our elections

ProtectOurVotes: Learn more about protecting the vote

AuditEngine: An effort to analyze publicly posted ballot images to verify the results

Clint Curtis: Clint Curtis pioneered this method and is running for office in Florida.

Civ.Works: a Community for Civic Engagement


If your election results appear suspect, move quickly to examine the evidence. Democracy Counts has a rapid response team to help you analyze the precinct-by-precinct numbers and determine what the best course of action is. Or, contact for advice.

Prepare your volunteers for possible canvassing in selected precincts.

You may join us here for advice


We want to help spread the word that it is possible to verify and audit the election results. Please contact for more information.

For an excellent source of deep background materials on election security and historical indications of election fraud, please see Bibliography on Election Error and Fraud in America

Voters and Volunteers

If you are a voter, please understand that it can help to ensure the integrity of our elections if you participate in verifying your vote. Asking you directly, bypasses all possible vote manipulation. Please be ready to sign an affidavit and/or anonymously and securely record your vote in a verification system in your precinct.

Volunteers are welcome! Sign up at volunteermatch to help us spread the word - or to Walk Precincts!

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