cooperation for effective action


Linked Trust, a minimal schema for expressing linked trust claims permissionlessly

Transparency Not Permission a whitepaper for sharing governance and ownership in DAOs - or corporations

dSocialCommons a community of decentralized social stacks, including the Bluesky project community

Coupons for Good connecting sustainability and human rights claims to consumer action

WhatsCookin building community through real time events

The Evolution of Trust

Why transactions are not enough: The willingness to abandon principles for anonymized value is a good working definition of corruption. Can't Buy Me Love, Hackernoon Jan 2021

Soulbound Tokens and implementations

Computer Tournaments of the Prisoner's Dilemma Douglas Hofstadter, Scientific American, 1983

Decentralized Society: Finding Web3's Soul E. Glen Weyl, Puja Ohlhaver, Vitalik Buterin May 10, 2022

This is a site to support and encourage benevolent cooperation among people working to improve the lives of others and themselves, and help them achieve whatever shared or personal goals they may be working toward.

All helpful content is welcome, including inspiring stories, relevant essays/articles, pointers to information, software, or other helpful resources, and links to almost any kind of beneficial cooperative activity, whether social, political or personal. In particular, we want to help connect people or groups seeking ideas, advice, mentors, volunteers/staff, or other help or resources, with those who have them available.

We also aim to help correct the distorting effect of the news media's bias toward negative topics and stories, by providing factual data that gives a clearer picture of the true state of the world, and people's positive efforts in it (such as seeing the number and breadth of cooperative social and political ventures underway, yet unreported by the news media). Despite many big problems, and recent great political challenges, our world overall is still a great deal better off than most of us realize, and for many decades has been improving significantly, if unsteadily, in so many ways.